“Inheritance Abroad”

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For most people, the question of inheritance and succession arises after the death of
a loved one. Potentially, unresolved property relations after the death of the testator
can lead to poor family relations.

In this regard, attorneys from the Rasic & Partners law firm recommend that people
who have more valuable movable and immovable property during their lifetime
make a will or conclude a lifetime maintenance contract.

However, if after the testator’s death there is no form of disposition of the testator’s
inheritance during his lifetime, the legal provisions of the Law on Inheritance are
applied. Still, if there are some foreign elements, such as the testator’s citizenship or
if the inheritance is located abroad, things get a lot more complicated and the
inheritance procedure itself differs from country to country.

In this regard, the Rasic & Partners law firm is networked throughout Europe with
associates who will enable quick resolution of problems that heirs may face, first of
all, due to the language barrier, and then due to different legal regulations and the
specificity of the procedure itself compered to Serbian legislation.

The practice of the Rasic & Partners law firm in international probate proceedings
extends to the representation of heirs, in probate proceedings in the territories of the
Republic of Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of France, the
Republic of Italy, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of
Montenegro and the Swiss Confederation.


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