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Collection of Claims & Enforcement Procedures

Rasic & Partners

Our law firm provides legal assistance in the field of forced collection of claims on
various cases and means of enforcement.
The most common enforcement means are:
- Funds in the debtor's account
- Salary,
- Pension,
- Mobile things,
- Shares in companies,
- Immovable things.

One of the big problems in today's business, both for companies and entrepreneurs,
is irregular billing, which will affect the operations of business entities and their
business results, and can lead to their illiquidity and, in severe cases, to bankruptcy.
For such a thing not to happen, it is necessary to have an elaborate mechanism for
each step until the full payment.
Our attorneys perform the services of contacting enforceable debtors, and in the
first place, they will try to enable the successful collection of the creditor's claims
out of court. If such an agreement is not possible, our law firm submits a ``proposal
for enforcement`` to the competent court as an act of a formal nature. The proposal
for enforcement is submitted based on a reliable document (mainly an invoice) or
the basis of an enforceable document (mainly a judgment or a pay warrant), based
on which the court will issue a decision on enforcement against the debtor. The
collection of claims and the collection procedure itself is carried out by the Public
Executor using any of the means of execution that is most appropriate in the
specific case.
If you are a debtor in enforcement proceedings (the enforcement debtor), our law
firm has extensive experience in representing individuals, as well as companies and
entrepreneurs against whom forced collection has been initiated.

Rašić & Partneri

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