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In our office culture, perfectionism is fundamental. We are flexible, expeditious, and reliable.

The law office Rasic & Partners operates on the principle of networking in Europe, with partners and associates from the areas and countries of the former Yugoslavia to leading European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia and Great Britain.

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Rasic & Partners law firm (Rasic & Partners YU, Rasic & Partners Europe) is a European and regional law office, based in Belgrade in the Republic of Serbia. In cooperation with partners from several European countries, the Rasic & Partners law firm provides legal services throughout Western and Southeastern Europe.

Our Services

We provide legal services to a wide range of clients, from domestic and foreign individuals to regional and domestic entrepreneurs and multinational companies.
Our main focus is on the quality of the legal services provided. You can get more information about our firm's legal services in the ``Practice Areas'' section and familiarize yourself with the legal services types we provide to clients.


Rasic & Partners law firm's work is focused on advising and representing clients throughout the Republic of Serbia. Part of our Rasic & Partners Europe law firm is dedicated to the narrow expertise of acting in administrative and criminal proceedings before the competent state authorities of the European Union member states.


Our team is led by top experts from leading European universities, such as the University of Strasbourg. Our associates' extensive experience in the work field they perform, along with constant education and dedication, results in the successful realization of the work of the Rasic & Partners law firm, and course, in client satisfaction.

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