Intellectual property

Intellectual property

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A patent is a creation of the human mind, and it can be used to protect an invention
from any new technical field, has an inventive step, and is industrially applicable.
An inventor can be protected by a patent and a small patent. A patent generally lasts
20 years, a small patent lasts 10 years.
For the inventor, the patent provides social affirmation and monetary compensation,
encouraging the development of science and technology, as well as better life

Patents are part of everyday life from the transmission of electrical energy and
remote control (Tesla's patents), apparatus for telegraphic or telephone transmission
and the telegraph system (Pupin's patents), machine for the production of baled
cane and straw, anti-aircraft cannon grain (M. Milankovic's patents), equipment for
tensioning steel wires from pre-stressed concrete, concreting port bridges without
scaffolding (B. Zezelj's patents).

In the Republic of Serbia, patent rights are regulated by the Law on Patents
(``Official Gazette of RS``, no. 99/2011, 113/2017, 95/2018, 66/2019). A patent can
also be protected internationally.


A trademark is a sign with which a natural or legal entity marks and protects its goods or services in circulation so that consumers can distinguish it from other identical or similar goods of other natural or legal entities. A trademark can be a sign in words, words written in a special type of letters (graphics), graphics, a combination of words and graphics, slogans, the name of a person, a combination of colors, a string mark, or a three-dimensional sign.

In the Republic of Serbia, trademark rights are regulated by the Law on Trademarks
(``Official Gazette of RS``, No. 6/2020). A trademark can also be protected internationally.


Geographical indications are a collective term for two types of distinguishing signs:
appellations of origin and geographical indications. Indications of geographical origin indicate natural products (water, stone), agricultural (cabbage, garlic, raspberry), food (cheese, kulen, sausage), industrial (beer, etc.), home-made products (carpet, embroidery), and services.

The indication of geographical origin is a powerful marketing tool, which guarantees the authorized user an advantage over competitors with its controlled product quality and origin.

In the Republic of Serbia, the method of acquisition and legal protection of geographical indications is regulated by the Law on Indications of Geographical Origin (``Official Gazette of RS``, no. 18/2010 and 44/2018 - other law).


Copyright is a right enjoyed by creators (authors) of literary, artistic, and scientific
works (author's works).
In particular, the following are considered works of authorship: literary works
(novels, poems, etc.), dramatic works, computer programs, databases, films,
musical works, choreographic works, works of fine art such as paintings, graphics,
drawings, and sculptures, then works architecture, applied arts, cartographic works,
plans, sketches, photographs, etc. The author acquires property, morals, and other
rights from the moment of creation of the author's work.
In the Republic of Serbia, author's rights are regulated by the Law on Copyright and
Related Rights (``Official Gazette of RS``, no. 104/2009, 99/2011, 119/2012,

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