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Attorney Stevan Rasic, LL.B, has extensive experience conducting cases of
criminal law, private international law, labor law, corporate law, contract law,
family, inheritance, and enforcement law, at the domestic and international levels.
With his team, he provides legal services to foreign and domestic individuals and
legal entities daily. Stevan is also responsible for tasks related to the systematization
and organization of business and is permanently committed to improving business
conditions. He is proactive when it comes to planning and the innovations that
modern business brings. He represents someone you can rely on, especially when it
comes to important and valuable things in your business.
Stevan has advanced knowledge of English and basic knowledge of French and
Clients say of him: ``Very responsible, reliable, diligent, and extremely precise in
his work.``

- Stevan Rasic

Attorney Stevan Rasic is the founder and senior partner of the Rasic & Partners law firm.

Partner Sladjana Stojanovic, LL.M, graduate in philology and master in intellectual property law, graduated from the University of Strasbourg, France on the topic:
``Strategies and specifics of patent protection in the pharmaceutical industry.`` In the
current role of team coordinator within Rasic & Partners Europe law firm.
Sladjana has twenty years of experience in the economy and over ten years in
management in multinational companies. Her professional practice covers various
aspects of national and international registrations and legal analysis of patents,
trademarks, designs, law enforcement, management, negotiation and conclusion of
contracts, licenses, and transfer of technology and know-how.
Sladjana, in addition to her native Serbian language, is fluent in English and French.
``The secret of great success will be, in a lesson, that the industry future, ideally,
must be balanced between innovative technologies and the human touch. In such a
development trend, in the near future, Serbia will become one of the global leaders
in the field of technological innovation.``

- Sladjana Stojanovic

Senior partner of the Rasic & Partners law firm

Mila Vranic, LL.B, is a junior associate within the Rasic & Partners Regional YU
law firm. An extremely ambitious and energetic legal trainee with her work and focus contributes to exceptional business success within the Rasic & Partners YU law firm sector. Mila graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, among the first in her generation.
Based on all the successes achieved so far during her education, she belongs to the
top 1% of students of her generation. During the final year of basic academic
studies, she was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Sports and Youth
(Dositeja), as well as a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Education, Science,
and Technological Development during all her years of study. During her short but
rich experience, she attended numerous internships in the judicial authorities. She
competed as an applicant representing the faculty at the regional competition before
the European Court of Human Rights, which took place in Skopje in 2018, under
the auspices of the Council of Europe and Civil Rights Defenders.
Clients say about her: ``Devoted to details, works dedicatedly and efficiently to
ensure the best result. She encourages negotiations, and has an extremely open
approach towards the clients she represents.``
Mila’s a member of the Bar Association of Belgrade and the Bar Association of Serbia. In addition to her native Serbian language, she is fluent in English and Russian.

- Mila Vranic

Junior associate of the Rasic & Partners law firm

Associate Gordana Rasic performs the duties of an internal finance manager within the Rasic & Partners law office. Also, a part of her role in the law office refers to ``HR affairs``, since she has over 30 years of experience in the field of coordination
and work of employees in domestic companies, so she makes sure the working conditions of employees are at the highest possible level within the Rasic & Partners Europe and the Rasic & Partners Regional YU.
Clients say about her: ``Very responsible, dedicated, and devoted to the work she does.``

- Gordana Rasic

Finance associate at Rasic & Partners law firm

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