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The government of the republic of serbia prescribed the possibility of converting
construction land from the right of use to the right of ownership by a regulation
adopted on january 21, 2010. For the conversion of construction land from the right
of use to the right of ownership, it is sufficient for the citizens to submit a request to
the competent real estate cadastre, while the owners of the companies acquired in
the privatization process will perform the land conversion for a fee.

One of the conditions for this type of conversion is certainly that the citizens on the
construction land on which they have the right to use, before submitting the
application have the property right registered in the real estate cadastre on houses,
bars, garages, and other facilities. Along with the request for conversion, the
original real estate list that citizens can obtain following the new capabilities of
the state apparatus in the notary public offices for an amount of money that is
much lower than the amount they paid to the cadastre.

The conversion is paid by the owners of the companies they acquired through the
privatization process, in the execution or bankruptcy process if they have stopped
working, and if they want to convert the mentioned land into land on which they
will build buildings or business facilities. Recently, many companies have been
privatized all to later convert their land.

The subject of conversion is a cadastral plot of built or undeveloped construction
land. A request for conversion can be submitted for one or more cadastral parcels
located on the territory of one local self-government unit. When several buildings of
different owners have been built on one cadastral plot, before the application for
conversion is submitted, the procedure for disbanding the joint-use community
prescribed by article 106 of the law on planning and construction is carried out.

The procedure itself is not simple and fast, in this regard, the recommendation of
the attorney from the rasic & partners law firm is to hire an attorney who deals
with this area of law to successfully and quickly solve this property-legal issue.
For detailed information, familiarize yourself with the applicable legal provisions.

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